Required platforms
Requesting scientist
Identification of the project
Supply a score and motivation
(if applicable) for the following priority criteria (0=not applicable; 5=extremely relevant)
Integrated character of the proposed campaign (serving multiple research teams)
For researchers with a minimum of 5yrs of experience
Indications that the research results acquired during earlier campaigns onboard RV Simon Stevin, Zeekat or RV Zeeleeuw are qualitatively validated (ie. reference in publications, on posters, in presentations, media,...)
Innovative character (scientific and methodological, ie. Deployment of new instruments)
Technical and operational feasibility
Cooperation with other researchers or disciplines (national and international)
Cooperation with other research infrastructures in national or international projects or initiatives
Scientific track record of the research team (not necessarily marine but well populated)
Cruise details
Single day campaign (max 12) Multi day campaign (max 10) Educational campaign (max 20)
Geographical Area
Required equipment
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